Enhance your posture and keep your back in check with our ergonomic saddle stools and wobble stools

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Wobble for strong back muscles

In 2019, we developed the first Wobblez wobble stool with the aim of reducing back pain. After talking to physiotherapists, we realised that the solution lay not only in a good ergonomic stool, but in improving posture and strengthening back muscles.

Thus, active sitting was born with our wobble stools and sitting balls. Made of durable materials and available in trendy colours, they are both functional and stylish. What do you think of their cool look?


Activate your creativity

Ingenuity does not always come naturally; it needs to be stimulated. Wiggling on a stool releases endorphins, hormones that relieve stress and pain. Less stress means more creativity. All of sudden you get better ideas or maybe discover the artist in yourself. Let the inspiration flow!

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Saddle Stool

€129,95 EUR

The Wobblez Saddle Stool: The New Standard in Ergonomics The Wobblez Saddle Stool is an innovative, ergonomic stool with a unique rounded rubber base that allows for movement wh...

~ Active Sitting ~ Active Sitting ~
Wobble Stool

€129,95 EUR

The Wobblez wobble stool gives you all the benefits of active sitting The Wobblez wobble stool is an ergonomic stool that keeps you moving while you sit. A rounded rubber base a...

~ Active Sitting ~ Active Sitting ~
Wobblez zitbal beige 65 cm

Sitting Ball 65 cm Linen for people <1.80 m€59,95 EUR

The Wobblez Sitting Ball: The Ergonomic Sitting Solution The Wobblez Sitting Ball is an ergonomic sitting ball, also known as a yoga ball, with a stylish linen cover. While seat...


Wiggle Your Work Stress Away

Attention all home workers, hybrid workers, and office employees! Active sitting is the new way to sit. You know you should work standing up occasionally and exercise, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or the motivation.

With a wobble stool, ergonomic stool, or sitting ball, you don’t need to worry about it. These ergonomic stools ensure you keep wiggling, strengthen your muscles, and maintain high energy levels without even noticing. So, saddle stools and sitting balls are not just pieces of furniture; they are your partners in a healthy work style.


Join Wobblez, the Joyful Movement!

You now know everything about Wobblez and how they can transform your posture. It's time to take the next step. Whether you work from home or just enjoy being at home, with Wobblez, you'll never sit still again.

With wobble stools, ergonomic chairs, and sitting balls, you stay in motion while seated. You strengthen your muscles and keep your energy levels high without even thinking about it. Active sitting has never been this easy and fun.

So, do you want to add more movement to your day without much effort? Join Wobblez and become part of the joyful movement.