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Compare Wobble stool and Saddle stool

The only difference between a wobble stool and a saddle stool is the design of the seat.

The saddle stool lifts your pelvis a bit which promotes spinal alignment and a good posture. It is a matter of personal taste as both the saddle stool and the wobble stool promote movement and active sitting.

Compare Wobble stool and Sitting ball

Both products help prevent lower back pain. You are more stable on a Wobble or Saddle stool and they have the advantage of being adjustable in height and smaller in volume.

A sitting ball is light in weight and easier to carry to another location. It can also be used for yoga practice.

Measure your desk height

Please measure the height of your desk before you order. Follow the guidelines we offer for selecting the correct Wobble stool, Saddle stool or Sitting ball. They are available in different heights.
The stools are height adjustable and available for 3 situations: for a normal, elevated and standing desk or table.

Wiggle those muscles

The first Wobblez wobble stool was developed in 2019. We were looking for the ultimate office chair to reduce back problems. We spoke to physiotherapists and quickly understood that a good chair was not the solution. We needed to focus on improving posture and strengthening back muscles.

We discovered Active Sitting with a wobble stool or sitting ball. We developed strong materials and awesome colours. Don't they look cool?


I love my wobble stool! I work from home but didn't want a big office chair in my living room. The wobble stool is funky and it gets used a lot. All my guests love to sit on it when they are here. Andrew


I had been experiencing lower back problems for a while. I tried several ergonomic chairs but now I only sit on an exercise ball. It is comfortable, and I my back problems are a lot less. Susanna


I run a business and wanted a creative environment for my team. We called Wobblez and purchased wobble stools and sitting balls in different colors. It looks great and people move around a lot more. Timo Bruining


Release your creativity

Creativity isn’t inherent. You have to hone it. Wobbling and bounching releases endorphins - chemicals our body produces to relieve stress and pain.

And when we are less stressed, our brains venture into more fruitful territory. You suddenly come up with much better ideas, or you will - perhaps - release the artist in you.

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Healthy Wobbling

Hello remote, hybrid and office workers! Listen up! Active Sitting is the new thing. You know that you need to excercise and climb the stair case, but sometimes you forget, you don't have the time, or you just don't feel like it.

With a wobble stool, you don't have to think about exercise. You're wobbling around, strenghtening your muscles and maintaining a great energy level, without even noticing it.

We are Wobblez

We are a team of creative developers, insane marketers, super perfectionist warehouse employees and our customer service people are the nicest you will ever meet so if you have a question, call, app or email us! We're here to help you!

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